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Do You Have An Electrical Emergency?

Orrell Electrics are your go to when in need of a 24 hour emergency electrician. Power failures, electrician outages, short-circuits, and electrical emergencies often occur at the most inconvenient times possible. We find our clients often need the services of our 24 hour commercial electricians and our weekend electricians. During business hours and on weekends are critical times that require an experienced and timely local emergency electrician to come in and get the job done.

What is an emergency electrician? These are the times when you need someone responsive and always ready, which is why many Liverpool residents, property owners and business owners contact us here at Orrell Electrics for our emergency electrical services. We go beyond the 9am-5pm because electrical outages don’t choose a convenient time. Whether it’s the middle of the night or during a holiday, you can always count on our responsive and experienced team as your go-to emergency electrical company.

We’re Just a Phone Call Away!

In need of an urgent 24 hour electrician to any location in Liverpool? Call us for an immediate emergency electrician dispatch, we promise to be with you in under 60 minutes!

Your Local Emergency Electrical Company In Liverpool

We’ve been helping clients in all Liverpool areas, from Bootle to Garston, the city centre to Formby – for over 25 years.

We always get to the root cause of the issue, as every situation requires delicate handling.  Whether you need a faulty socket repairing, have a faulty RCD or a faulty intruder panel, Orrell Electrics will work as neatly and promptly as possible to minimise any damage and further inconvenience. The single most important thing is that your problem is resolved in the first call-out, as nothing is worse than it reoccurring again. We deliver ultimate risk reduction so there will be a minimal risk of failure, electrocution or fires in the future.

24 Hour Emergency Electrician

A lot of our clients contact us to stop electrical emergencies as we operate as a 24 hour local emergency electrician.

Orrell Electrics work proactively to prevent electrical dangers and costly damages. Although it is inevitable that electrical mishaps will occur. From our professional experience, we strongly believe that the best approach is to have preventative measures in place to stop these from happening. Whether it’s an emergency electrical repair or a safety electrical inspection, you can count on Orrell Electrics to do the job efficiently.

What Can Emergency Electricians Fix?

The Orrell Electrics team works all over the Liverpool area, we’ve seen it all, from residential electrical emergencies to commercial building electrical emergencies. These include both the usual and unusual urgent electrician work, these usually consist of power failures and electrical hazards including:

  • Blown fuses and consumer unit faults
  • Overloaded power points and other fixtures
  • Tripping circuit breakers and trip switches
  • Corroded, exposed, gnawed, loosened, damaged or fried wires
  • Power surges due to lightning strikes, storms and faulty wiring
  • Hot water repairs and installations, combi boiler faults
  • Repair, replace and upgrade your fuseboards
  • Resolve any smoke alarm, phone line repair, light switch or emergency repair

We’re an emergency electrician who is always a phone call away and we are also a weekend electrician and a 24 hour commercial electrician. We can successfully complete any and every electrical repair job possible. Call us at 0151 526 9998 if you require immediate electrical service. All you need to provide us over the phone is your name, number, address and electrical fault and we will give you a detailed quote. We can then issue an immediate electrician to your location with the latest equipment and materials. Have a look at our electrical fault finding page, to easily identify where your problem is!


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24 Hour Emergency Electrical – Best Emergency Electrician

Orrell Electrics provide rapid emergency electrician services to residential and commercial electrical services throughout Liverpool. We’ve been the reliable electrician for home and business owners in Liverpool for more than 25 years. This has allowed us to foster a strong reputation for quality, affordability and fantastic customer service.

Electrical problems seem to always occur at times where you least expect them to. They can immediately your impact bottom line or a seemingly smooth flowing weekend. Rest assured that just in case trouble occurs, we are always a phone call away as we have a dedicated team on 24 hour standby.

Every single member of our team is a fully qualified electrician with extensive industry experience. We always provide a rapid response and we offer every single electrical service. This varies from re-wiring, switchboard upgrades, power point installation, fault diagnosis, routine maintenance, LED lighting and electrical installations.

If you or your business experiencing electrical problems, leave it completely to our Liverpool emergency electricians. We guarantee to have you back up and running in no time whatsoever. For instance, faulty wiring and repeated electrical failures indicate a significant issue. Don’t risk your safety or your family’s safety – call a local emergency electrician now.

Frequently Asked Emergency Electrical Questions!

Can You Perform An Emergency Electrical Safety Inspection?

Have you been informed your supplier will not turn on your supply until it has been tested? We can help and get the relevant paperwork issued to you quickly, this is to ensure that all of our clients have safe and clean electrical systems running 24/7.

How Long Will It Take For An Electrician To Arrive In An Emergency?

As we have 24 hr emergency electricians working around the clock. pur average arrival time to a call out is usually 30 minutes.

Why Does My Safety Switch Keep Tripping?

If you have a repeated faulty fuse or RCD then the most common issue is faulty appliances. However, other issues may be nuisance tripping or faulty wiring, contact Orrell Electrics for a same-day electrician to fix your problem.

When Do I Need A Consumer Unit Upgrade?

The main reason for when you need a consumer unit upgrade include:  The switchboard is overloaded and your circuits are overheating. flickering lights, outdated fuses, smell burning, or you can see sparks and melted or blackened fuses. Contact Orrell Electrics for a switchboard upgrade today!

Why Isn’t My Hot Water System Working?

The most common electrical issues are when your circuit breaker is tripped and will not stay back on and there is a problem with your thermostat, regardless of the issue get in touch and we can get you up and running.

Why Are My Lights Flickering?

If your lights are continuously flickering this may be due to a loose bulb, loose connection, voltage increase or the type of light. This potentially could be either a minor or a major electrical fault if not dealt with properly.

What Do I Do With A Beeping Smoke Alarm?

If your smoke detector is continuously beeping than this may be a sign of it needing a battery replacement. However, this may also be due to a ended life span of 8-10 years. If you need an electrician to install a new one, contact Orrell Electrics today!

Why Is My Electrical Shower Not Heating Up Or Working?

Electrical showers can fail for a number of reasons including a faulty pull cord or isolator, the shower unit may be faulty or in a lot of cases the cable is not correctly rated feeding the shower and may need upgrading – usually from 6mm to 10m twin and earth.

My Kitchen Sockets Are Not Working?

If your kitchen sockets are not working yet the rest of your property is fine then chances are one of your appliances may be causing the fault, try to disconnect all the plugs and see if the circuit breaker can be reset, if not get in touch with Orrell Electrics and we will have an electrician with you quickly.

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